St. Lucia

As soon as we got engaged in the summer of 2009 and set a wedding date, the honeymoon was next on our list. I wanted to do Greece, but due to vacation time restraints we decided to push that back to our one-year anniversary trip and do something a little closer for the honeymoon. We decided to do an all-inclusive resort (neither of us had been to one before) and as it was our honeymoon, we decided to splurge on a Sandals resort. We chose St. Lucia because at the time we didn’t know anybody who had been there, but within weeks of us booking, we literally heard of at least five people we knew who were going and then the Bachelor or Bachelorette went there and all of a sudden it was the cool place in the Caribbean to go. Oh well. We were in St. Lucia for 8 days and that was plenty as we didn’t do a whole lot (which is unusual for us, but was perfect for a honeymoon).


Our itinerary was pretty basic:

Day 1-8: Relax at the pool/ocean all day, eat dinner, hang out at one of the bars for drinks after dinner

Now granted we did add on a few excursions once we got there: Catamaran Day Trip around St. Lucia, Zipline afternoon adventure, a hike on Pigeon Island & a Sunset Cruise; but still pretty low key for us.

Click here to read my mini trip report.


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