Rio 2016

This was our biggest trip of 2016 and one that we had been talking about forever it felt like. I grew up absolutely loving the Olympics. It was always a huge event in our house gathering around the TV and watching them every night for 2 weeks in the summer and winter. I have so many vivid memories of watching those amazing Olympic moments in my lifetime. Originally when I was in high school, my parents highly considered taking the whole family to Sydney for the Sydney Olympics in 2000, until they realized because of Australia’s season, the summer Olympics would be later than normal and they’d have to pull us out of school for the 2-3 week trip they had been imagining. That was just too much they said, so they canceled anymore talks about going. Well, that was a game changer for me and ever since one of my all time biggest “bucket list” trips was to go to the Olympics. The timing seemed right for the 2016 Olympics and being in Rio which I always wanted to visit as well, seemed like a perfect fit upon announcing the location.

After casually talking with friends about it, they were totally on board and six years later, the four of us actually made the trip! It was the longest planned trip of my life and required a lot of planning in advanced. All of those details, I will lay out in posts. Some will be detailed about Rio sights and activities, others will be more focused on the Olympics themselves. After all the Olympics were the main focus of the trip and the highlight as well!

Day 1: Arrived in Rio in the morning, spent the day visiting Copacabana and Ipanema

Day 2: Spent the majority of the day at the main Olympic Park and catching our first event, men’s artistic gymnastics

Day 3: Busy day of Olympic Events (Handball and two Beach Volleyball Sessions)

Day 4: Another full day of Olympic Events (2 Indoor Volleyball Sessions) and a trip to the Olympic Boulevard

Day 5: Food Tour and a nighttime Beach Volleyball Session

Day 6: Indoor Volleyball (2 sessions)

Day 7: Full day of sightseeing around Rio including Christ the Redeemer, Tijuca National Park, Escadaria Selaron, and Sugarloaf Mountain

Day 8: Our last day of Olympic events (Indoor Volleyball and Badminton)

Day 9: Spent the day mostly around the Olympic Boulevard area before leaving for our evening flight home

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