Kenya & Tanzania

In the summer of 2014, as we were trying to pick our 2015 vacations, we easily chose somewhere in Africa. My brother had just finished a semester abroad in Tanzania and my parents had done a week long safari when they went to visit him. All three fell in love with Tanzania and while a safari was always on our list of things to do, it got bumped up pretty quick after listening to them. Originally we had planned a whole two weeks in Kenya and Tanzania, but I wasn’t able to get the whole two weeks off of work, so we had to settle for an 8 day safari (about 10-11 days total including travel time). Which meant we had to cut out some stops, we ended up cutting out Maasai Mara (since it was essentially the same park system as Serengeti, just on the Kenya side) and Zanzibar (which we figured could easily be made into a separate trip sometime in the future). While slightly disappointed in the planning stages and disappointed when we had to leave Africa, the trip itself was unbelievable and we will definitely go on another safari in our lifetime.


Day 1: Lake Nakuru National Park

Day 2: Early drive to Amboseli National Park, afternoon/evening game drive in Amboseli

Day 3: Morning game drive in Amboseli National Park, crossed into Tanzania and evening game drive in Lake Manyara National Park

Day 4: Morning game drive in Lake Manyara, drove to Ngorongoro Conservation Area in evening

Day 5: Ngorongoro Crater

Day 6: Morning drive to Serengeti National Park, spent most of day game driving in Serengeti

Day 7: Serengeti

Day 8: Morning game drive in Serengeti, afternoon flight to Arusha


A couple of the days had long drives in the car, but we did see a huge variety in animals at the different parks, so I can’t really say I’d change much looking back. All of the parks had something special that I could never say I regret going to that park because we would have missed something amazing.



To read more about my planning and wrap up of this trip read here

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