We traveled to Greece in September 2011 for 2 weeks. Many years later we still say it was one of our favorite place, if not THE favorite place we’ve traveled. We were there in the midst of riots in Athens, but that didn’t take away from our time there in the slightest. I had wanted to go to Greece (after just visiting Athens in 2009 with my sister), originally for our honeymoon in 2010. But eventually my husband convinced me that we could have a nicer (and longer) trip if we waited and went a year later, which we did.

We spent a week in the mainland and then a week in the Greek Islands. While we had a fairly easy time deciding which sights in mainland Greece to visit, narrowing down the islands was a harder task. Santorini was a must and after that we went based off of ferry schedules and pictures we saw online. Initially we had Naxos, Mykonos, Crete, and Rhodes as possible islands in addition to Santorini. In the end we chose Naxos and Rhodes. Crete and Mykonos are on a must see list for the a future trip however.

Our basic itinerary looked something like this:

Day 1: Corinth area, Mycenae, then Nafplio for overnight

Day 2: Explore Nafplio, with side trip to Epidauros

Day 3: Drive to Ancient Olympia and spend day there, afterwards driving for overnight near Delphi

Day 4: Delphi then drive to Kalambaka for overnight

Day 5: Meteora then drive to Athens for overnight

Day 6: Athens

Day 7: Athens with a trip to Sounion

Day 8: Ferry in AM to Naxos, rest of day in Naxos

Day 9: Naxos

Day 10: Naxos Sailing Trip (we had hoped to do a day trip to Mykonos, but the tours had just ended due to rough waters the week prior)

Day 11: Afternoon ferry to Santorini, late afternoon spent in Oia

Day 12: Santorini beach and vineyard hopping

Day 13: Santorini including a sunset cruise

Day 14: Extremely early AM ferry to Rhodes, rest of day in Rhodes

Day 15: Rhodes