Christmas Ornaments 2017

Continuing with a mini post on Christmas showing off our souvenir ornaments we picked up in 2017. It’s a fun tradition Brian and I started way back when we first started traveling and it’s fun to try and seek out an ornament everywhere we go. Sometimes it’s easy and other times it’s harder. Sometimes it’s an actual ornament we find, other times it’s something we can turn into an ornament once we get home.

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Photos of the Weekend: Universal and Disney

Photo of the day: Weekend in Boston

Didn’t get around to posting any photo of the Days while in Boston. So here’s a college of the weeekend. Spent a lot of time walking around, catching up, and eating more than I thought possible in one weekend. 

Weekend in Virginia

I spent last July 4th visiting one of my besties in her adopted town of Norfolk, Virginia. I had visited her shortly after she moved there and we didn’t do a whole lot, so I was excited to re-visit her now that she knew a bit more about the area. I unfortunately didn’t do a very good job of documenting with pictures the weekend, so the photos will be sparse.

I flew in late after work on a Friday and she took me to a fun pub called Gershwin’s decorated in Manhattan style 1930’s decor. We had a couple gin and tonics and loved catching up. It was the perfect low key start to a fun weekend. The pub also has food she said, but they tried eating there once or twice and the food wasn’t as good as the drinks were.

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Photo of the Day(s): Wine, cheese, and butterflies. 

Spent yesterday relaxing in Williamsburg and had a good time despite the overcast clouds and rain. Then spent today celebrating the holiday by trying to find open restaurants and visiting the botanical gardens once again in the rain and clouds. 

Photo of the Day: Norfolk

Spent the day mostly in Norfolk. Ate brunch, visited the glass museum and Chrysler Museum. Visited a cute little wine bar before heading to Virgina Beach for dinner. 

Photo of the Day: Virginia bound 

Headed to Virginia for the holiday weekend! New book and a latte while waiting at the airport. 

Christmas Ornament Time

I’ve been collecting ornaments from places we’ve traveled since our honeymoon in 2010. Though to be honest, it was an idea I had at the time but got put on the back burner until we actually had a house and a Christmas tree which we didn’t purchase until 2012. So therefore our trips from 2010-2012 are ornaments I bought after the fact either made in the countries we traveled to or pictures of the places we were in the case I couldn’t find an ornament made in the country we visited. Starting in 2013, the ornaments have all been bought while we were traveling. Looking for Christmas ornaments in some places can be hard to find, hence why sometimes we buy something and later make it into an ornament. It can be a challenge sometimes, but it’s something we’ve really enjoyed hunting for since we started buying them in real time in 2013. I have this dream of when we are old and grey setting up our Christmas tree it will be completely full of only travel related ornaments. Right now we fill in the holes with other childhood ornaments.

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NYC Day 3

Our initial and slightly over ambitious plan for our final day in New York City included getting up early, taking the subway into the city, grabbing breakfast from a food cart, walking to Central Park to enjoy our breakfast and walking around there until time for an early lunch at Ippudo before dropping one friend off at Penn Station, then the two of us remaining would maybe visit MOMA or something until it was time to leave for our flight. Yea that was crazy that we even thought that would work. Basically everything we thought would happen went the opposite way. It started with us leaving the place slightly later than planned and taking a lot longer to hail a taxi than the previous two days (maybe because it was a holiday? not sure). Then the subway wasn’t running as often (also because a holiday?) so we waited about 20 minutes at the station before we even boarded a train.

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NYC Day 2: Grand Central Station

After hopping back on the Subway after our brief visit to Brooklyn, we knew we all wanted to visit Grand Central Terminal while in New York City so that’s where we headed. Too bad we timed it horribly as all the shops were closing for the day and it was so dark inside the terminal it was basically impossible to get a decent picture of the famous landmark. Grand Central Terminal has the most train platforms of any railroad station in the world, which seems crazy to think about considering Europe’s train system is so much more advanced. While the station has officially been called Grand Central Terminal since 1913, most people still refer to it as Grand Central Station which was the original name. The current building itself was constructed in 1903 and has been in operation ever since (though the original station dates back to 1871). Currently Grand Central Station has multiple shops and places to eat scattered throughout the terminals, but most aren’t open late and we missed the majority of them by the time we got there around 6pm. I love all the architectural details in the building. We walked around for quite awhile literally just looking up at the ceiling and lights and everything. It is a stunning building. My only regret is we didn’t get to see the buiding in a better lighting situation.

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