St. Lucia

Christmas Ornament Time

I’ve been collecting ornaments from places we’ve traveled since our honeymoon in 2010. Though to be honest, it was an idea I had at the time but got put on the back burner until we actually had a house and a Christmas tree which we didn’t purchase until 2012. So therefore our trips from 2010-2012 are ornaments I bought after the fact either made in the countries we traveled to or pictures of the places we were in the case I couldn’t find an ornament made in the country we visited. Starting in 2013, the ornaments have all been bought while we were traveling. Looking for Christmas ornaments in some places can be hard to find, hence why sometimes we buy something and later make it into an ornament. It can be a challenge sometimes, but it’s something we’ve really enjoyed hunting for since we started buying them in real time in 2013. I have this dream of when we are old and grey setting up our Christmas tree it will be completely full of only travel related ornaments. Right now we fill in the holes with other childhood ornaments.

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Flashback: St. Lucia 2010

I figure in honor of my five year wedding anniversary this month, I would post my wrap up (five years later…) on St. Lucia. Now granted, we didn’t do much sightseeing while on St. Lucia as we were on our honeymoon and we stayed at the Sandals Grande and the primary focus of the trip was relaxing. But we did see a little of the island and as I try to update the blog/website about the countries I’ve visited, St. Lucia is probably the easiest/quickest to get up on the site as we honestly didn’t do a whole lot. Now forgive the picture quality, this was before I got a DSLR camera and while I loved taking pictures, I didn’t really know what made a good picture back then. This was also basically the only trip I’ve taken in the past 6 years that I didn’t keep a trip diary on, so with the passing of my time, my memory is a bit fuzzy on the details.

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