Christmas Ornaments 2017

Continuing with a mini post on Christmas showing off our souvenir ornaments we picked up in 2017. It’s a fun tradition Brian and I started way back when we first started traveling and it’s fun to try and seek out an ornament everywhere we go. Sometimes it’s easy and other times it’s harder. Sometimes it’s an actual ornament we find, other times it’s something we can turn into an ornament once we get home.

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Slovenia: Summary

We just returned from an amazing 6 days in Slovenia (plus 1 day in Venice). We had chosen Slovenia basically from seeing a picture of Lake Bled at some point and that was about it. When researching flights, we realized it was half the cost to fly into Venice and drive the relatively short distance (less than 2 hours) to Slovenia. Since we planned on renting a car in Slovenia anyway, it didn’t make a big difference to us. Now if you don’t plan on driving yourself around Slovenia, it might be easier just to fly into Ljubljana as train connections and public transport between Venice and Ljubljana aren’t great. With flying in/out of Venice, we decided to spend our final day of the trip in Venice as Brian had never been and it was a good excuse to make a quick stop.

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Photos of the Days: Piran and 2 days in Venice

Photo of the Days: Lake Bled and Ljubljana 

Photo of the day: Paragliding Lake Bohinj

Photo of the first two days: Vipava and Lake Bled

Slovenia: Planning

This trip idea for Slovenia was thrown together pretty on the fly about 5 months ago. We had planned to go to Greece in July for a friend’s elopement/wedding, but last minute their family backed out and they asked us not to come to make things less awkward for their family had we still gone. It was a bit disappointing to miss our best friends wedding and a return trip to Greece, but we respected their wishes and timing wise it worked out better to push our vacation back a month anyways. So there we were with a blank slate and wondering where to go. We were pretty set on Europe though most of Europe is in full peak tourist season, so we put a few ideas on the table (Slovenia, Estonia, Portugal being the top ideas), then started playing around and looking at flight prices.

Originally the flight prices to Ljubljana deterred us from going, even though Slovenia was probably at the top of the places we originally considered. We could fly into Portugal or Spain for half the cost, but then playing around on Google Flight Maps (my favorite way to see what flight prices are if you aren’t set on a destination) and saw that flying to Venice was about the same price as Lisbon or Madrid and only 1-2 hours from the Slovenian border, hence our trip to Slovenia was born via a flight from Venice.

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