Photo of the Day

Photos of the Weekend: Universal and Disney

Photos of the Days: Piran and 2 days in Venice

Photo of the Days: Lake Bled and Ljubljana 

Photo of the day: Paragliding Lake Bohinj

Photo of the first two days: Vipava and Lake Bled

Photo of the day: Weekend in Boston

Didn’t get around to posting any photo of the Days while in Boston. So here’s a college of the weeekend. Spent a lot of time walking around, catching up, and eating more than I thought possible in one weekend. 

Photo of the Days: End of our Trip

Spent Friday visiting the Underground River in Sabang and in Puerto Princesa Saturday 

Photo of the Days: Island Hopping Days 2&3

Did a group tour b on Wednesday and a private tour a on Thursday. All glorious. 

Photo of the day: Island Hopping Day 1

Went on a combo tour c and d today and had an amazing time taking in nature. 

Photo of the day: Finally in El Nido

After a long day and a half of traveling, we have arrived at our destination and couldn’t be more thrilled with Nacpan Beach and the first sunset we witnessed here. 

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