Christmas Ornaments 2016

I meant to have this post come out yesterday on Christmas, but I totally forgot all about finishing it until this morning. Anyways as we have a tradition of buying an ornament from each of our trips (or each country if we visit more than one on a vacation), here is our round up of 2016 Christmas ornaments.

EuroTrip 2016: Klomp shoes from Amsterdam, Beer mug from Belgium, and an Eiffel Tower from Paris

EuroTrip 2016 ornaments

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Jordan: Summary

As I am way behind posting, I will eventually get to Jordan posts after finishing up my previous two trips. This is just a quick wrap up/summary post of the highlights of our week in Jordan. Our week in Jordan was full of top moments and it’s hard to narrow down the best ones. It was an interesting time to be visiting with our presidential election coming up and we had some incredibly fascinating conversations with many locals on it.

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Photo of the (yester)day: Goodbye Jordan

Spent our final day in Jordan visiting the religious sites and Jerash. But I want to thank the country of Jordan for its hospitality for the week we were there. It was my 32nd country and my first in the Middle East region but it certainly won’t be my last trip there. The people are incredibly welcoming and have done nothing to deserve the 80-90% drop in tourism in the last two years. I can only hope people overcome the misconceptions on the area and return to traveling there. 

Photo of the Day(s)

Have been bad about posting these daily… Spent Wednesday morning in Petra hiking to the Treasury viewpoint then headed off to Aqaba and the Red Sea where we watched a nice sunset. Spent Thursday snorkeling in the Red Sea before relaxing on the beach at our hotel. Friday we heard off to the Dead Sea 

Photo of the Day+ yesterday 

Last night visited Petra by Night and today returned all day for lots of hiking. That first view of the treasury both at night and by day is breathtaking. 

Photo of the (yester)day: Wadi Rum

Didn’t have wifi last night or any cell service at all as we spent the night under the stars at Wadi Rum. Our first 24 hours in Jordan brought us to a new country, a new culture, some delicious food, and amazing people. Can’t wait for the rest of the week. 

Jordan: Planning

When we were trying to decide where to head in the fall of 2016, we originally looked into Morocco. I’ve had Morocco at the top of my bucket list since high school, while it is far from the top of Brian’s. He had always said we could go to Morocco only after visiting a more traditional African country for a safari. He didn’t want Morocco to be his fist country visited in Africa. I compromised and we went on safari to Tanzania and Kenya in 2015. Morocco was looking more and more likely, until all of a sudden it wasn’t. One of the biggest things I want to see are the Fez tanneries. Yes, I know they are going to stink, but it was pictures of Fez (and the mention in Gilmore Girls) that had me wanting to go there to begin with. When starting our initial research, we learned that the Fez tanneries were undergoing a massive renovation and while they were supposed to be finished in summer 2016, I just wasn’t willing to risk it.

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