December 2017

December was a busy month as it always is around holiday season. December started off as a bit of a down month having lost two of my grandparents in the month of November. Brian and my dad went on a fairly last minute trip, but perfectly timed trip to the Grand Canyon for a week leaving me alone at home for a week at the start of the month. Luckily they had a great time despite the cold spell in the Grand Canyon while they were there and they spent the week hiking down and then back up, something of which I have no desire to ever do. I would like to see the Grand Canyon someday, but I’ll be content viewing from the rim. ¬†Holiday season was a range of emotions this year with wanting to celebrate, but all of us majorly missing our anchors. My brother and his wife refused to come to any Christmas get together for who knows what reason, so that made it a bit drama filled on top of every other emotion we all had.

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Olympics: Wrap Up

This is my way delayed wrap up post dedicated to planning a trip to the Olympics. While we went to the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, I’m hoping some of this information will come in handy for others planning trips to a future Olympics. It’s the advice I wish I had read and the advice I would give to anyone looking to attend the Olympics. We hope to go to another Olympics in the future (hopefully Paris 2024?) and plan to use what we learned to make the next trip even more memorable.

This post will be a bit different from my other Wrap Up posts, as it’s less destination specific (I hope), and more event related. Hopefully some of what we learned and advice I can give, will carry over to other Olympic host cities. Rio was a bit unorganized it seemed and a very spread out city so I almost feel that any other city will be a bit more organized and have the arenas closer together. But regardless, I feel it’s sound advice for someone looking to attend the Olympics. As a reminder, here’s my timeline of how we prepped for the Olympics (written before we left). So without further ado, let’s get on with this…

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