Christmas Ornaments 2017

Continuing with a mini post on Christmas showing off our souvenir ornaments we picked up in 2017. It’s a fun tradition Brian and I started way back when we first started traveling and it’s fun to try and seek out an ornament everywhere we go. Sometimes it’s easy and other times it’s harder. Sometimes it’s an actual ornament we find, other times it’s something we can turn into an ornament once we get home.

Galapagos (January 2017): Blue footed booby ornament


Palawan, Philipines (April 2017): Jar of mini seashells that we added some fishing line to in order to hang from the tree.

Boston (May 2017): Lobster ornament


Slovenia & Venice (August 2017): Dragon ornament from Slovenia, bulb ornament depicting the Grand Canal from Venice


Disney World & Universal Studios (October 2017): Platform 9&3/4 from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and a wine bottle for the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot


Merry Christmas! 


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