Olympic Boulevard (Rio Days 4, 6, & 9)

One of the improvements Rio put in place for the Olympics was a revamping of port area. One of the most defining aspects of the unveiling included a Guinness record setting mural by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. The mural, Ethnicities, stretches for 3000 square meters and features a member of an indigenous tribe from five continents represented by the Olympics rings. It was an incredible mural, though hard to take in all at once, especially with the crowds.

Street Art Mural on Olympic Boulevard

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September 2017

September was a fairly quiet month for us personally. The month opened with Labor Day and while a lot of people take that long holiday weekend to get away for the weekend, Brian working as a manager at a grocery store means he always works holidays. I could have gone somewhere, but opted to just take the long weekend and enjoy some extra time at home with Yumi. I did a day trip to Windsor, Ontario in Canada for some shopping and some girl time. As always the three of us had a blast and look forward to the next time we head up.


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Women’s Indoor Volleyball (Rio Days 4, 6, & 8)

We might have gotten a bit too hyped up when our ticket lottery results came back. We mostly won tickets to women’s indoor volleyball matches and while we didn’t pick all the time slots we were awarded, we still probably chose too many. We didn’t want to go all the way to Rio and end up with just a few event tickets, so we chose a lot of what we received in the lottery. We didn’t realize that had we been a bit more patient, we could have ended up with a wider variety of events including ones we most wanted to see. We enjoyed our volleyball tickets, but by the end of the week, we were a bit indoor volleyball’ed out. It didn’t help that we didn’t even mix it up with men’s and women’s indoor volleyball, it was exclusively women’s volleyball that we chose. Oh well. Live and learn.

Both women and men’s indoor volleyball has been a staple at the Olympics since 1964. Though at the 1924 Olympics in Paris, indoor volleyball was a demonstrated by the United States. In the men’s indoor volleyball competition, Brazil and the United States have typically had the greatest success at winning medals (three apiece), though the former Soviet Union also has three gold medals. In the women’s side of the volleyball competition, only five countries have won a gold medal including Brazil, Cuba, China, Japan, and the former Soviet Union. Interestingly, the initial indoor volleyball competition at the Olympics consisted of only round robin where each team played all other teams and the medals were determined by total wins. This led to the medal determination sometimes before the end of the competition. This changed at the 1972 Olympics into the current format of the preliminary round of round robin followed by the final round single elimination. Currently the Olympics feature 12 teams each of men and women.

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