Men’s Handball (Rio Day 3)

Handball is not a sport I knew anything about prior to the Olympics and honestly, I still don’t know the rules at all. Handball is just not a sport that is widely popular within the United States. However, Brian has been a big fan of the game (at least every four years during the Olympics) and he really wanted to make sure we caught a match while in Rio. We attended just one handball match during the Olympics and it was a lot of fun. I would definitely consider going to another match if we return to the Olympics in the future.

The handball events were held in the Barra Olympic Park and unfortunately we didn’t realize that our morning watching handball would be the last time we were able to enter the park. Due to security reasons, only people with valid tickets for events within the Olympic Park that day were allowed to enter. I understand the concern, but unfortunately we didn’t have any more events within the actual Olympic Park itself and was a bit disappointing that we weren’t able to return later in the week. Being in the Olympic Park was an amazing experience and would have been nice to spend some of our free time within the park. Not sure if future Olympics will take the same security stance and would be somewhat dependent on how spread out the event sights are, but do try to get more events within the actual park itself.

Handball arena

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July 2017

This is pretty late again for my monthly recap, but better late than never, right? July was a fairly quiet month as two of our best couple friends were both gone on honeymoons. But it was still a nice month with a lot of fun happenings.


One week in July in Columbus’s restaurant week so we hit up two new restaurants. The first we tried was Lemongrass in the Short North area. It’s an Asian Fusion restaurant, which we typically avoid as they never impress me too much. But Lemongrass’s Restaurant week menu looked really good and we figured it was a good time to try it out. It ended up being pretty decent. It’s not a restaurant I’m dreaming about returning to, but I would be more than happy to return in the future. Plus they served up mango and sticky rice as dessert, which is so hard to find in the states. Our second new restaurant during Restaurant Week, was Spagio in Grandview. It was also really good and had been a restaurant we had been considering visiting for awhile now. I had ravioli here that was really good, though the dessert was a bit of a flop.

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Photos of the Days: Piran and 2 days in Venice

Photo of the Days: Lake Bled and Ljubljana 

Photo of the day: Paragliding Lake Bohinj

Photo of the first two days: Vipava and Lake Bled

Slovenia: Planning

This trip idea for Slovenia was thrown together pretty on the fly about 5 months ago. We had planned to go to Greece in July for a friend’s elopement/wedding, but last minute their family backed out and they asked us not to come to make things less awkward for their family had we still gone. It was a bit disappointing to miss our best friends wedding and a return trip to Greece, but we respected their wishes and timing wise it worked out better to push our vacation back a month anyways. So there we were with a blank slate and wondering where to go. We were pretty set on Europe though most of Europe is in full peak tourist season, so we put a few ideas on the table (Slovenia, Estonia, Portugal being the top ideas), then started playing around and looking at flight prices.

Originally the flight prices to Ljubljana deterred us from going, even though Slovenia was probably at the top of the places we originally considered. We could fly into Portugal or Spain for half the cost, but then playing around on Google Flight Maps (my favorite way to see what flight prices are if you aren’t set on a destination) and saw that flying to Venice was about the same price as Lisbon or Madrid and only 1-2 hours from the Slovenian border, hence our trip to Slovenia was born via a flight from Venice.

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