Photo of the day: Weekend in Boston

Didn’t get around to posting any photo of the Days while in Boston. So here’s a college of the weeekend. Spent a lot of time walking around, catching up, and eating more than I thought possible in one weekend. 

Weekend in Virginia

I spent last July 4th visiting one of my besties in her adopted town of Norfolk, Virginia. I had visited her shortly after she moved there and we didn’t do a whole lot, so I was excited to re-visit her now that she knew a bit more about the area. I unfortunately didn’t do a very good job of documenting with pictures the weekend, so the photos will be sparse.

I flew in late after work on a Friday and she took me to a fun pub called Gershwin’s decorated in Manhattan style 1930’s decor. We had a couple gin and tonics and loved catching up. It was the perfect low key start to a fun weekend. The pub also has food she said, but they tried eating there once or twice and the food wasn’t as good as the drinks were.

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April 2017

April started and ended up fun events. I kicked off the month celebrating a dear friend’s upcoming wedding with her bachelorette party. We ended the month flying back home after spending a lovely week in Palawan, upcoming summary post will be posted soon. In between, I had one horrible week were I had to work 47 hours due to my boss’s vacation.

While I didn’t visit any new restaurants with Brian in Columbus, I did visit a new place while out for the bachelorette party. We visited a wine place called Quail Crossings Cellar. They make their own wines and had a really good variety of options available to suit everyone’s taste levels. We did two different create your own flights and did both a dry and sweet flight. While I’m not a big fan of sweet juice tasting wines, if you are into that, they had loads of fun options. They also had plenty of nice tasting dry red and white wines. All their wines have fun names like No String’s Attached, Party on the Patio, and Tall Dark & Handsome. It’s a very casual place to enjoy a glass or a wine tasting. They have a couple food offerings on site, but they let your order from next-door Harvest and bring the food over. Harvest is a Columbus favorite for pizzas that uses local ingredients. They have three locations around the city and I’ve only had their pizza one previous time, but it is quite tasty and always nice supporting local businesses. They also have sandwiches, burgers, and salads if you want something other than pizza.

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Flashback: Naxos, Greece 2011

After spending essentially a week on the mainland of Greece, it was time to relax and hit the Greek Islands. Originally we had thought of visiting Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete but after a lot of deliberation, we ended up on Naxos, Santorini, and Rhodes.

We chose Naxos over Mykonos because we wanted to visit a less popular island and they do offer day trips to Mykonos from Naxos. However, we were visiting in the shoulder season and they stopped running those trips like 5 days before we arrived in Naxos. It was a bit of a bummer to find out once on Naxos, but it gives us a good reason to return to the islands.

Naxos is the largest and the greenest of the Greek islands within the Cyclades region. It’s in a perfect location between Athens and Santorini and extremely close to Mykonos, which makes it an easy addition to almost any Greek Island itinerary. We spent essentially 2&1/2 days on the island and while it was a good amount of time, it is a big island and more days would allow you to really explore more of what Naxos has to offer. Our first half day on the island, we spent walking around the main town and port area (Naxos Town or Chora) and relaxing on one of the beaches close to town. Our second day was a mismatch day where nothing went as planned, but it ended up being amazing and we ended up visiting the Sagri area and a couple of beaches. Our third day we spent on a sailing trip.

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