Keukenhof (EuroTrip Day 3)

Keukenhof is the famous flower garden in The Netherlands. It is only open for a short time each year, typically from late March to late May. You can check their website for the exact dates each year. While the name Keukenhof was given to the area in the 15th century, the garden as we know it today has been open to the public since 1950. Within the gardens each year, there is a theme around which over 7 million spring flowering bulbs are arranged! Keukenhof is commonly referred to as The Garden of Europe, and after visiting it, I understand why.

Hyachinth in Keukenof

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Jordan: Summary

As I am way behind posting, I will eventually get to Jordan posts after finishing up my previous two trips. This is just a quick wrap up/summary post of the highlights of our week in Jordan. Our week in Jordan was full of top moments and it’s hard to narrow down the best ones. It was an interesting time to be visiting with our presidential election coming up and we had some incredibly fascinating conversations with many locals on it.

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Riding Bikes around the Tulip Fields (EuroTrip Day 3)

We had saved the majority of our last day in Amsterdam for our main reason for visiting in April. The famous tulip fields of Holland. Everyone has seen the gorgeous pictures of row after row of tulips, and while we didn’t exactly get that, we still had an amazing afternoon viewing the tulip fields. It’s easy to time your visit for prime tulip season if you live closer in Europe, but planning a trip to The Netherlands from the USA for tulip season is a bit more of a gamble. The tulips can bloom anywhere from early April to the middle of May. However, on average the best chance of seeing the tulips in peak bloom is the end of April and beginning of May. It varies so much due to how cold or mild the winter is. With that in mind, we chose the third week in April.

We chose the third week of April even though we knew it might be just before peak bloom time because it looked like almost every year in recent past, at least some tulips were in bloom that week. There were a couple years where peak bloom did fall on the third week in April. Even after we booked our plane tickets, we kept an eye on it via the Tulips in Holland website. Early on it looked like the tulips were going to bloom early due to a very mild winter, but then a couple weeks of colder spring weather came through and held off the tulips blooming again. In the end we ended up arriving just before peak blooming season, but we did get to see a good amount of the tulips in the fields and also saw a lot of other flowers as well at the tail end of their blooming season.

The most famous place to see flowers is at the Keukenhof Gardens (post will be coming soon), but surrounding the gardens are a good amount of tulip fields. The best way to see those fields is to rent a bicycle and ride around. You can technically rent a bike elsewhere and transport it via train to the gardens, but it was easier to just rent from the company, Rent a Bike van Dam, in the parking lot of the gardens themselves.

I will detail how to travel to Keukenhof in that post, but to get to the bike rental place from the bus drop off at Keukenhof, we had to walk to the complete other end of the parking lot. Luckily we had seen the bikes from the bus as we passed the gardens or we might have been wandering around lost through the parking lot.

Rent a Bike Van Dam

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Extra Amsterdam Sights (Eurotrip Day 2 & 3)

A small post on a couple more districts in Amsterdam, the Southeast district and the Red Light District. We didn’t end up with enough time to really visit either district in depth hence the short combined post here. We visited the southeast district after the Albert Cuyp Market on Day 2 and visited the Red Light District briefly on Day 3 between the Van Gogh Museum and heading to Keukenhof. Both districts definitely deserve more than a brief visit, but that was the sacrifice we made when we opted to split our time between Amsterdam and Brussels. As always, it’s good to leave something to see on a return visit.

Southeast Amsterdam

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