Iceland Day 6: Skogar

After leaving Dyrholaey, we drove west along the Ring Road to the next major town, Skogar. Skogar is a small Icelandic town with a couple not-to-be missed attractions. The first of which we visited was Skogafoss. Skogafoss plunges about 60 meters down a cliff from the Skoga River. Due to the amount of spray the waterfall produces, there is often a rainbow spotted at the base of the falls on sunny days (unfortunately we didn’t get to experience the rainbow). It was one of the most picturesque waterfalls we visited. There is a large parking lot where a lot of people were camped out at where people were getting ready to embark on multiple day treks.

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Iceland Day 6: Dyrholaey

We started the day off in a not very good place. I had gotten the phone call no one wants to get while out of the country. My mom texted me to tell me to call her as soon as possible, assuming it was about one of my grandparents I was prepared for bad news. What I learned wasn’t about my grandparents, but was equally upsetting, one of my close friends and my so-called adopted/third grandmother who had been in perfect health, had fallen into a pond and drowned. I spent the remainder of the night in a fitful sleep and when we set off in the morning after a delicious breakfast (that we couldn’t fully enjoy) at our AirBnb, it was with heavy hearts. The remainder of the day was spent visiting sights that had been near the top of our list of places to see in Iceland, but there was a cloud of gloom lingering over the entire day. We were admittedly distracted most of the day, bypassing some sights as our hearts and minds were somewhere else. I spent a lot of time conversing with my mom about details on what happened and when the funeral and visitation was to occur. In the car, I often stared out the window with tears in my eyes.  As a result, we didn’t keep a very good record of what we spent and how much time we spent at locations so the rest of the trip report will be more sparce in specific details.

It’s not to say, that we didn’t enjoy the remainder of the trip. We did make the most of it and enjoyed everything to the best of our ability, but neither of us were as wowed by sights and activities of the remaining days as we had expected to be, mostly because we were not as engrossed and engaged in the trip as before.

Anyways, we started our sixth day of our road trip in Iceland by visiting Dyrholaey which is located just west of Vik. Dyrholaey is most famously known for its abundance of puffins during the summer months. The peninsula actually is closed during parts of May and June due to puffin nesting season. The view from the lower part of Dyrholaey overlooks Reynisfjara and at least when we were there close to a lot of puffins.

View from Dyrholaey

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Iceland Day 5: Vik

Vik is the southernmost town in Iceland and was to be our destination for the night. It is also one of the most popular stops for both Ring Road travelers and those just venturing along the southern coast of the country. Despite the small size of the village, there are a multitude of attractions nearby the town. The highlights include Dyrholaey (we visited the next morning), the Katla volcano, Solheimajokull glacier and Myrdalsjokull glaciers, and the black sand beach. We checked into our AirBnb overnight and then headed to Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach.

Reynisjfara is a black pebble beach, so don’t go expecting soft black sand. What makes the beach extraordinary is the basalt column backdrop that the black pebble sand leads up to. It’s such a unique setting and we were in awe the whole time. Looking to the west, you can get a good view of Dyrholaey; and if you go at sunset time, the sky over the arch is beautiful. When we were there, we saw several paragliders launching off of the basalt columns.

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Iceland Day 5: South Iceland

After finishing our glacier hiking tour, we started our drive to our final destination for the night, Vik. But before reaching Vik, we had a little sightseeing along the southern coast of Iceland. Most of our sightseeing was done via the car window with the occasional pull off to take a better picture.

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