Iceland Day 2: Akureyri

We arrived in north Iceland’s largest town, Akureyri, around lunch time. Akureyri has a quirky parking system that is free but involves putting a time clock on your window that indicates the time allotted to park there. It seemed kind of confusing, but luckily there is free unlimited parking by the Hof Center right by the water, which is where we headed to park. There were plenty of parking spaces and it’s close to the center of town so I would definitely recommend parking here as it’s easy to get in and out of. After parking, our primary goal was finding a place to eat lunch. We ended up at the Indian Curry Hut. We split a lunch special, which was plenty of food for both of us especially for lunch. It’s mostly a take away spot, but there are a few seats inside and outside, which we took the inside seats due to the chill in the air.

Indian Curry Hut

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Iceland Day 2: Skagafjordur

While there is plenty to see in Skagafjordur, we only ventured about 8km into it. Our first stop was right in Varmahlid essentially, the Vidimyrarkirkja turf church. Though this particular church was built in 1834, there has been a church at this site since the 12th century. The current church is made out of turf with timber on the front and back of the church. Vidimyrarkirkja is one of six remaining churches of this type in Iceland and was actually the first building placed into the care of the National Museum of Iceland in 1936. There is a fee to go inside the church, but the person collecting the fee is waiting inside. We saw multiple people walk in then opt not to pay, probably because you see the entire church upon walking in. It’s super tiny inside, but we felt that we were already inside that we should pay.


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Moving forward with Olympic Plans

AirBnB booked for Olympics in Rio. Crossing our fingers we don’t get cancelled on later.  


Iceland Day 2: Northwest Iceland

We started our second real day in Iceland a little later than we initially planned based on when the BnB place served breakfast, but it ended up not being a huge deal. We had a lot planned for day two and we had been worried that starting about an hour after we wanted, we would have to cut something out, but we didn’t really end up having to do that. Now, granted we were out late in the day after dinner, but we didn’t really miss out on anything we had planned. Our plan for Day 2, was to drive through northern Iceland and end at Lake Myvatn where we would be staying two nights.

We left Hvammstangi aroun 8:30am and unfortunately were surrounded by more clouds and misty rain as we started our drive through the northwest corner of Iceland. The drive itself was pretty scenic though and we managed to pull over a couple of times to snap a picture or spend some time with Icelandic horses.

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Iceland Day 1: Vatnsnes Peninsula

After leaving Grabrok, we drove without any real stops north to Hvammstangi. The small town is located just six kilometers north off of the Ring Road on the Vatnsnes Peninsula. There really isn’t much to the actual town itself, just a few small restaurants and the Icelandic Seal Center. After checking into our lodging for the night (our first experience with AirBnb), we headed back into Hvammstangi to try to visit the seal center, but we arrived just after they closed. They said they would keep it open for us, but we were really just looking for a way to kill time and not stay at our awkward lodging place, so we told them it wasn’t a big deal. The town is also the main launching point for seal watching tours, but those all leave earlier in the day so we didn’t have a chance to really look into any of those.

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Iceland Day 1: West Iceland

And by west Iceland, I am only referring to the small stretch right off the Ring Road that we had time to visit. Unfortunately, we had to entirely skip the Snaefellsnes Peninsula and the Westfjords due to time constraints, but a return trip to Iceland is definitely warranted to visit those areas. We basically saw the stretch between Borgarnes and Hvammstangi (which is considered northern Iceland). We had basically three major stops along this stretch of Route 1 which included Borgarnes, Hraunfossar, and Grabrok Crater.

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